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Snapshots from my American year as an exchange student. I make way too many pictures, but each of them is a precious memory to me :). It's still in progress :D
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Už popáté jsme vyrazili do Šikovic mezi smrčky a na dva týdny se tam utábořili. Těžko říct, která vzpomníka je ta největší:). Jak jsme hráli famrpál, plnili soutěže s oranžovým týmem (prezentace Bobíka a taky RPčka s Nairou a se Setíkem jsou legendární), Nebo jak jsme lesem chodili poslepu, jak jsem cestou do tábora sama bloudila i s bagáží asi čtyři hodiny a nevěděla, jestli dorazím, jak jsme s Ami byly ve stanu, hráli na kytaru a zpívali (a naučili mě DEGAmiemi), jak Ami zase napuchla noha a Lutí si naštípla kotník, divadlo kocoura Modroočka, rukodělky a zdravověda, shánění kódu skrze zlé postavy z pozemků, skautský slib s černou keltksou kočkou, diskuze a hry, kdy jsme se o sobě dozvěděli víc, výlet do Chrudimi, taneční soutěž, pečení kuřete v díře.. je toho tolik, že píšu jenom namátkou. A bylo to super :).
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Vprostřed tábora jsme se kolektivně vydali za civilizací. Pár lidí do Pardubic a mi zbylí do Chrudimi - do bazénu za o něco technologicky vyspělejšími sprchami, na oběd, kde používáte nejenom lžíci, ale i vidličku a nůž (jsme si hráli na nóbl :D) no a prostě si to užít :)!
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Me and Rachel had a day out together! We went to visit her mum in the office first. The second part of the adventure was tour inside the Nebraska State Capitol that totally suprised me, it's gigantic and really beautiful. We had a tour inside and we were looking over the Nebraska from the very top of the tower. Another stop was the Governor's Mansion where he actually lives with his family, but the place is partially opened to the public. LITLLE FACT: in one of the rooms, every former miss governor has her own doll, sometimes with a real hair :/ :D. And current name of the governor-dog is Snickers, because Mr. Governor likes Snickers :-). The "University of Nebraska State Museum" was pretty cool too, it was nautre oriented and they had all the stuff like dinosaurs and huge replicas of the HIV virus, expozition of the frog's pictures.. it was actually very big and it made science look like fun :-)
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Leonard came to visit us for a couple of our and also invited me to spend a few days with him. We had the most Czech-traditional meal: dumplings, pork, and sauer kraut, that was kind of funny in America :-). Btw local grass looks just like ours at home, the types of little flowers inside - it's easy to understand why all the Czech people travelling to America stayed in here :). And since every squirrel is "persona non grata", uncle Don takes them out of the town into their own squirrels' refugee camp among the trees and fields :).
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Me, Helen, and Tim (Helen's grandson and brother of Rachel) went to check out the museum of history of Nebraska and it was really cool. I had no idea that there were so many Indians (of course they got rid of most of them), and you can notice the Czech influence quite a bit too. Around 50,000 people from the Czech Republic came in here to "pursuit their happiness" and the tradition lasts up to now :)
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I came to Lilncoln in Nebraska for three weeks to visit my aunt Helen and uncle Don. Almost right away I met their granddaughter Rachel and her parents. I knew Helen and Rachel before, they were in Prague cca three years ago, so it wasn't as scary, even though I had no idea what to expect - it felt very adventurous :). Oh and I shouldn't forget Teddy, that's the dog with a snazy pink line in the middle of the body, he's so cute! :)
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My flight left around 3pm so we still had some time together. We went to church so I got to say bye to the last people and grandma and grandpa made a huge lunch. Grandma, grandpa, Dave, Pam, Jon, Chris, Kaytee, Adam, Rachel, Matt, Anna, Gracie, Wesley, Darlene,.. everybody (even Kaytee :D) went on a ride grandpa built, we were drawing pictures, talked, huged, said bye.. I got a beuatiful little golden cross from grandma and grandpa and it's a precious memory I can wear..
And then it was time to go. Mr.David and Ms.Pam came to the airport too, and even though I didn't expect it, I cried soo much. But I'm absolutely sure we'll stay in touch, I love you!
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A picnic by the beach with entire family. It's so hard to describe days like this one. I absolutely love the book Pam and Darlene made for me - it's a beautiful book full of pictures from my entire year as an exchange student. It probably took forever to make.. I got Terry Prattchett's books from Wesley.. the waves got little higher than usually.. we played something like scrabble, went to a navy lodge.. It didn't really feel like I'm going to leave tomorrow, it was almost like just another day together..
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La Hacienda was the first restaurant where we went when I came into the Levans family and by accident, it was the last one before I left. We were having another quick lessons of Czech language, we talked, and laughed.. it's always fun around them :))
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Mr. David took me on the trip for the bravest ones - to get some "one-way" older luggage from a goodwill store, it's kind of an exchange-students tradition :D. Some of the places were little interesting, but we DID get one for like seven dollars (and it was entire set of three luggages) :D ehm.. anyway, then we met Pam and went to Italy! And we had a major time, it was hillarious to talk with Italian accent, and the food was divine :). I got a beautiful christmas ball of Pensacola and they got a book about Prague, and we talked, and got a lots of pictures (as usually)... it's so hard to say bye. And in the evening, me and five another guys went to see the new Transformers. The special effects are really impressive and I enjoyed it a lot, even though it felt wierd to be the only girl :D
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The Ramona movie was absolutely cute, even though Jon didn't think so :-). We started to look after some luggages I may use for the trip to Nebraska, oh and the place where we had a lunch had a little television for your table - Jon loved that! :D
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Actually it wasn't just Teaves at all, entire family (or at least bunch of people) had a lunch close to the beach and spent a beautiful day by the ocean :)! Afterwards we went home and watched Dennis the Menace - it's hard to tell what was more hillarious, the movie or the reaction of Pam and Tonya, there were laughing so badly :D!
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I actually caught three pieces even though granpa Levan always had to put that stinky chicken-blood-garlic-something on :D. And my first Independece day was lots of fun with Welsey, Thomas, Jamie and her friends and bunch of neighbours celebrating all thogether. We won the volleyball game, ate way to much and I actually got to sing American national anthem / at least it was good for something except the government class :)'!
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Meal and games around the church were followe by one my last big youth meetings. They came to our house to have a meal and watch movies.. tt got pretty sad because leaving Pensacola was getting closer and closer. Pam thanks so much for the cake you made, it was beautiful, delicious and awesome!
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We went on a boat all together which was really fun. I still claim water-skiing as an impossible task, but some of us needed to try on their own, right, Welsey? :D And at night, we got to watch movies right from the pool with rest of the family :).
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Pandamania 2011. For a week, almost two hundred children came to church to have fun in various activities. Every day they learn something about God through a thematic topic - like "God watches over you" using a story of Jonas who got stuck in the whale :-). They play games outside and inside, listen to the stories, do crafts, dance, singe.. it's pretty cool and I got to be a photographer :-) - during the day, children make figures according to the story (different every day) and I put it all together and make a presentation out of it so everybody can see them in the end of the day on the screens in the sanctuary :-).
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I think I'll try to reduce them over time O:). Finally we get to that ice-cream place, it was soo good. Me, Wesley, Pam, and Darlene /while low-carb diet stayed at home :D. We laughed a lot. And with Wesley, we still worked on that game when you need to remember a row of somehow related words, I believe we got up to the 75! The picture should be somewhere around :D
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I just don't have the attitude to pick up just the better pictures, even though I probably should - maybe over time, it's just little challenging, once you get over 20 000 pictures :D
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Preparations for the upcoming vaccation bible school week! We needed to pick up the decorations from another Methodist church and then install them into our church. Everybody tried to help which made it easier/possible :). The churches share not only the main "chinese wall" that stands in front of the sanctuary, but also all the pictures from the walls, little pond etc.. and it was still different. I loved the spirit and excitement of everybody around :)


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